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Safety is no accident

We provide business to business first aid and safety products, cleaning, organizing and restocking first aid kits and delivering safety products. We clean, organize and restock kits. You only pay for the product, never the service

Stay Productive

Don’t waste your time managing your first aid and safety supplies. We do it for you, and save money at the same time. 

Keep Your Team Safe

Keep your team productive, happy, and safe when experiencing minor sickness or injuries.  

Stay OSHA Compliant

 Avoid lawsuits and hefty fines, and do the right thing by ensuring your products meet or exceed OSHA and ANSI standards.

Quality first

Why choose us

Safety to your coworkers simply isn’t the same as it is in your personal life. The hazards are different, and the products are different. A bandage is not just a bandage in the workplace. 

We help you act proactively on employee safety, and save money along the way.

Industrial First Aid and Safety is the local favorite for safety products and services. Through clear communication we empower business leaders who are responsible for safety for their company to make the right decisions for your safety supplies.

Free Delivery and Stocking

With our free 24 hour delivery and stocking of AED units across the Phoenix Valley, Industrial First Aid and Safety is the easiest way to provide safety products to your office. 

Expert and Honest Technicians

Our technicians have a combined 40 years of experience in this industry. They provide expert advice for your custom needs that will save you time and money when providing safety products to your office. 

Engaging and Empowering Safety Training

Industrial First Aid and Safety is a favorite for CPR Training, AED Training, First-Aid Training, and Defibrillator Training. 

Safety Products

First Aid Kits

Whether you have 2 employees or 2000, we van-deliver, place or hang quality metal cabinets and re-stock them at your request. Our cabinets come in many sizes to meet most every commercial and industrial settings. With every cabinet you buy, we offer a free mini-class to you and your employees on how to use, and not abuse your cabinet.

First Aid Products

Keep your employees safe, comfortable and productive. First Aid is about saving money not spending it. From bandages and burns to insect bites and simple costly headaches, your kit is designed and filled your way.

Vehicle First Aid Kits

When your employees are mobile, their need for safety and productivity goes with them. These first-aid kits are tough little boxes with rubber seals protecting the products you decide go in them.

Defibrillators (AEDs)

Every company is a heart attack away from buying one of these. They are surprisingly easy to use, (we do provide training,) and they are very affordable. We deliver, install and monitor them on-site during our visit.

Safety Equipment

Safety Glasses

All our safety glasses meet or exceed ANZI guidelines. Add your company logo to your safety glasses for a professional look.

Hearing Protection

To cord or not to cord, that is one of the questions. Brand, type, and shape. We deliver them all without a premium price.

Dust Masks

Getting the wrong mask is the most common mistake companies make when trying to protect their employees. Paint, dust, chemicals, irritants. Let us help you get the masks that are right for your company.

Safety Vests

Tyvek and the rest. We get it and deliver it in most cases well before you can, and usually without an additional cost.

Hard Hats

Tyvek and the rest. We get it and deliver it in most cases well before you can, and usually without an additional cost.

Eye Wash Stations

Keep your team’s eyes protected with our eye wash stations. We deliver, install, and provide maintence on these units.

Safety Services

First Aid Training

We provide on-site complete training to your employees in large or small group, small or large groups for First Aid.

CPR Training

We provide on-site complete CPR training to your employees in large or small group, small or large groups.

Defibrillator (AED) Training

We provide on-site complete Defibrillator (AED) training to your employees in large or small group, small or large groups.

Eye Wash Station Maintenance

We keep your eye wash station operating in peak condition or repair when broken. 

About Us

Providing Professional Service to Professionals since 2010

A number of years ago we were employees with a smaller company that grew in value and visibility, and was eventually purchased by a larger company. In the months following our acquisition, we became concerned about our new company culture that worried more about billing and profits than doing the right thing for our customers. We decided to form a safety supply company that put customers first, and Industrial First Aid and Safety was born.

Our commitment to you is to always:

  • Save you time, money, and convenience in keeping your business first aid supplies stocked and relevant.
  • Meet or exceed OSHA standards.
  • Provide the highest quality in class products.
  • Provide expert advice based on your unique needs.
  • Do it all with a smile, and good attitude!

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